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JSR Associates, Inc. is an architecture and interior design firm, specializing (and known for) senior living. Jane Rohde, principal noticed a gap between senior living operations, resident care models, and the built environment, and in 1996 JSR Associates, Inc. was born. Ever since then Jane has sought out to change the way people think about senior living design. We have strong skills in strategic master planning, creative care modeling, focus groups, sustainable building practices, programming based upon workshops with integrated teams, and appropriate design for seniors, families, and staff. Really, we want to spread our knowledge other design professionals as a new way of thinking for senior living. In fact, Jane is so committed to sharing her ideas, she is frequently asked to teach others at workshops, conferences, lectures, etc. educational seminars on culture change, design, and care modeling for senior living projects nationwide. JSR has also produced a two DVDs titled, “A Day in the Life of Joe, Volume I: Millennium Joe” and "A Day in the Life of Joe, Volume II: Inspirational Joe."