Design for Longevity


The needs of homeowners change over time, but their living spaces often fail to accommodate these changing needs. As the first step in any renovation, addition, or home modification, JSR Associates, Inc. converses extensively with the clients to learn their current and future needs. Design for Longevity is a term that primarily refers to one of several living options:

  • Staying in the same home throughout most of adulthood, which may necessitate home modifications.

  • Remaining in the same neighborhood (though not always in the same home) and maintaining one’s community and routine for most of adult life, even as housing needs change, (aging in community).

  • Living in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), which provides access to higher levels of care as required: Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing. Two types of CCRC’s are a Lifecare Plan and a Fee-for-Service menu that offers options to residents.

  • Moving to a favorite vacation or resort location, and becoming part of an existing community. Ideally the residence would have universal design capacity and offer access to local community-based services. These locations often include social events and activities such as golfing and tennis for active 55+ seniors.

Universal Design

“Universal Design is the design of products & environments to be usable by all people to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.” 
—Ron Mace (The Center for Universal Design: NC State University)

Universal Design concepts include creating space that supports sustainable freedom and allowing a person to utilize a space without any stigma regardless of physical ability. The key is to provide flexibility for present and future. A universal design approach not only includes physical access, but also includes appropriate lighting and acoustical design, detailing that supports differing ages and conditions, and ease of use by all occupants. JSR’s Universal Design experience offers to the client an economical approach to handling lifestyle changes. By adapting their current or future home to accommodate all users and physical abilities, JSR's creative design solutions will help you add space for a growing family, plan ahead for aging in place, or accommodate changing physical needs.