It has been said that you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, for you may miss out on a good story. In design, sometimes a building doesn’t get explored because of the mystery of the outward appearance, and sometimes an outward appearance of a building can draw you in, but completely lose you on the inside. Buildings, like books, get misjudged all the time because of the façade, and that’s why it is essential that a cover matches the story. It is important that when doing a design all the components are taken into account from the layout of the interior space to the materials selected for the exterior of a building. Every piece helps to create an unforgettable design that is functional and pleasant for the public. Design is not just about creating an amazing cover for people to say “wow”; it is about designing a structure that satisfies people’s needs and desires. 

-Shernise Richardson

AuthorJane Rohde