A few weeks ago we completed a video project for the AIA Film Challenge, Blueprint for Better, with Bonnemaison, Inc. Today the voting portion opened up online and we could use your help! Vote for The Heart Project: A Grassroots Community for Change, https://aiafilmchallenge.org/vote/?contest=video-detail&video_id=2413.

We chose to share our Live Together Intergenerational Community story because we are passionate about people and change. What if a community could be a positive intervention, create work force development opportunities, provide elders opportunity for purposeful interactions, address needs of at-risk youth, embrace the community at-large, and include families as part of the fabric of an intentional, integrated neighborhood? Live Together™ is a multi-generation community concept that includes an Engagement Center with training, education, and socialization opportunities for at-risk youth, elders, and families. Apartment living with concierge and coordination services and assisted living care are part of the living model. It is time to stop losing generations of youth aging out of the child welfare system, stop warehousing older adults, and stop segregating multiple generations. Healthcare is having a staffing crisis and at-risk youth need opportunities – education, training, and mentorship. Partnerships with local colleges and health systems with a wrap-around of a supportive community model and reasonable cost housing is a formula for success. The Live Together™ education model provides “person-centered” focus to care services as the norm in all healthcare settings. Leading with the heart can make a difference in many people’s lives – removing silos and supporting systemic initiatives that reflect community needs. The opportunity is now!

AuthorJane Rohde