JSR Associates, Inc. establishes preventive care and lifestyle models.  These models allow residents to age in place by choice and with dignity.  These models positively impact staff morale and decrease turnover.  The consistency in staff creates an uniqueness of community that other facilities cannot imitate. 

Senior living includes a broad array of projects including Adult Living Communities, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Facilities, Extended Care, Adult Day Care, Senior Centers, Skilled Nursing, and Hospice. Each type of location has its own distinctive requirements for the region and community at-large it serves.  JSR Associates, Inc. has the advantage of experience designing for a wide range of senior living project types located in different geographic and demographic regions.  

At the start of each project, JSR purposefully creates an integrated team of stakeholders.  Included are board members, clinical and administrative staff, residents, family members, design professionals and consultants.  This formation provides JSR with a diverseness of personalities & perspectives. JSR’s goal is to incorporate everyone’s input into the wholly developed Functional Program.  This all-inclusiveness lends to a favorable overall design outcome. The program emerges as a sustainable and flexible healing environment that is not just exclusively beneficial. The synthesis of ideas at the beginning provides the framework for the design decisions that leads to the successful completion.


Meeting with the client to discuss goals, needs, expectations, function of space(s), site requirements and preliminary budget, project requirements. Project requirements are then documented for use throughout the process.

Drawings and specifications are issued for competitive pricing. Bids are received, reviewed with client, and awarded. If all pricing comes back too high, value engineering is performed. During this process, the design is evaluated with the client to determine areas where costs can be decreased.

Drawings and sketches are produced to illustrate overall space requirements, adjacencies (spatial relationships), and specific program components for client approval. As required, professional consultants may be contracted for specific areas of expertise. Consultants may include structural engineers, mechanic/ electrical/ plumbing engineer, and landscape architects. At this point, the budget may be revised to reflect schematic drawings.

JSR Associates, Inc. designs Functional Programs for immediate occupancy with the inclusion of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E). JSR provides full specifications of FF&E that meet Client's needs. Full procurement services including furniture, artwork, window treatments, and accessories are an offered service including installation and punch-list. JSR precisely allots space for the Client’s budgeted purchase add-ons with versatility & sustainability in mind. 

Drawings are developed and fine-tuned based on client feedback. An additional level of detail in this phase shows more accurate room sizes and shapes. JSR will commence coordination with consultants at this point, if necessary, to integrate all building systems and equipment, and schedule process meetings with client for review and approval. At this point, the budget may be adjusted to reflect design development drawings.

Perform on-site review of construction at pre-determined stages in the construction process. Be available to respond to contractor's day-to-day questions via telephone. Perform final walk-through with client and contractor.

Drawings and specifications are completed. Specifications are written requirements and details for materials, building systems, equipment, finishes (including wall, ceiling, and floor finishes), and workmanship. The CDs include all documentation from project consultants. As required, drawings are stamped and signed for permit and/or construction.


Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is a tool used to evaluate the occupants, the operation, and the physical environment compared to the functional program, and the completed project. Adjustments and future outcomes can be measured and improved by benchmarking data on a regular basis. JSR Associates, Inc. ensures the program design supports the baseline.  Benchmarking is necessary for authentication. JSR addresses quality & functionality while bolstering client’s change model.