In 1996, Jane Rohde sought out to change the way people think about senior living design and bridge the gap between senior living operations, resident care models, and the built environment.

What do we specialize in? We have strong skills in strategic master planning, creative care modeling, focus groups, sustainable building practices, programming based upon workshops with integrated teams, and appropriate design for seniors, families, and staff.

What’s the difference when you work with JSR? We view our clients as partners and can evolve to prioritize to meet the needs of the client working toward a better future.

Why are we successful? We develop programming and planning and focus on residents/ patients, staff, family, and visitors who use the proposed design to support and enhance the clients mission and core values. We strive for sustainability; not only for the physical building, but also for models of care that support person-centered desires. The JSR team incorporates feedback from all stakeholders to develop design solutions with the consultants, clients, and contractors. We use evidence based design solutions that are proven to reduce adverse events and increase resident and patient satisfaction and operational efficiency. All of these factors leave the