Bastion Community of Resilience, located in the area of Gentilly in New Orleans, Louisiana, works to create an intentional community for Wounded Warriors, their families, and retired veterans / civilians by providing supportive community based services for soldiers with Traumatic Brain injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other injuries sustained during combat. Bastion’s goal is to provide a supportive environment for soldiers and families through not only providing services and connections to existing services, but also to provide a tertiary care through volunteers in that is made up of civilian seniors, retired military, and families that want to provide a support network to a vulnerable population that is in the process of healing.

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Jane Rohde was involved in the strategic planning and discovery process with Executive Director, Dylan Tete, a returning soldier with PTSD. Utilization of the Generations of Hope Model is a way to bolster and create international community. Jane has been instructional in developing these types of models throughout her career- supporting vulnerable populations that include at-risk youth, young mothers aging out of foster care, and foster care youth being adopted. These intentional intergenerational communities support the vision of purposeful living for older adults and those they serve - a critical step in improving lives.

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