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JSR Associates, Inc. completed the functional programming process, and facilitated focus groups; including board members, front-line staff, residents, families and other stakeholders, for the Cedar Lane Senior Living Community. During this process, JSR addressed the “who, what, where, when, how, and why” of the Cedar Lane’s existing services, along with planning for future anticipated or desired services - addressing stakeholders input.

The results of the functional programming process were then utilized in developing a Master Plan for both operational services, care services, and physical setting (environmental) services which allowed for exibility to address continual changes that impact the continuity of housing, services, and care over time towards the planning and renovation of the Building I resident units and community space.

Because of the existing square footage restrictions, creative design solutions were used in meeting accessibility requirements for renovated unit kitchens and bathrooms - maximizing space and openness to modernize the apartments. For the community spaces, a revised entry sequence allowed for resident activity spaces to be expanded and updated.