Harve de Grace, Maryland
Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center



  • Functional Programming

  • Senior Living and Design Consulting

The renovation included the reconfiguring of an existing 26 room wing dedicated to memory care for residents with cognitive issues. The existing double loaded corridor with the centralized nursing and staff space was the baseline for the re-invention of care and delivery of services. The existing conditions were evaluated and the re-design utilized a currently un-used exterior concrete deck and underutilized staff spaces to create a den/living/activity space, a country kitchen used for both serving food and for activities with residents, a smaller staff work area that is designed as approachable for the residents, a day-lit dining space, and a sunroom. The double occupancy resident rooms were re-designed to support as much privacy as possible; including the layout of toe-to-toe beds staggered to give each resident more identifiable individual space. The access to existing windows and indirect lighting solutions were made possible through the redesign and a resident activity bathroom, staff bathroom, medication area, and storage were designed into the ‘household hub’.  The existing shower and bathing areas were underutilized – and were re-designed to create brightly lit, usable, and desirable spaces.