JSR Associates, Inc. facilitates in the Functional Program process with careful regard for the client.  It is an interpersonal collaboration that starts with a meeting and progresses to a unified vision on paper.  An operational spreadsheet is presented showing Functional Program details having new well-designed physical attributes in the community space or building.  The reality of the space transforms into a healthy, healing environment.  Why commit to Functional Programming? 

To fulfill the operational and everyday living needs of a person-centered care environment; JSR Associates, Inc. maintains focus on the 5 w’s and the How the space serves.  The built environment is the most costly part of the equation for creating healing environments.  Investing time upfront provides the framework for purposeful design and allows for efficient throughput.  The client receives the best solution & witnesses a successful project come to life!  The care model, operational activities and resident desired outcomes provide the context for the best suitable setting.  Primarily taking all needs into consideration helps shorten the process of construction or reconstruction of inefficient, non-livable and non-workable space(s) and adds to time spent healing. 


“The functional program is the source of all things!”
                                                                        -Ann Jiang, Director of China Operations
                                                                         China Senior Care & Cypress Garden Senior Living


“The functional program process was essential to create a framework for our project.”
                                                                        -Dylan Tete, Executive Director
                                                                         Bastion, Community of Resilience for Wounded Warriors, Surviving Families,
                                                                         Older Caregivers, and Volunteers

So what is included within a Functional Programming process?  The process is intended to provide answers to the “who”, “what”, “where”, “when” and “how” questions that support the development of a person-centered health, care or support setting that serves older adults, developmentally disabled, healthcare patients, or a combination of these and other care populations.  The discussion often starts with the “why” of a project, to better understand the goals, desired outcomes, and the expectations for providing person-centered environments.