Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is a comprehensive long term care services program that provides a community-based alternative to institutionalized elders.  JSR has been at the forefront of supporting the PACE program, as a "whole person" approach to providing care for the elderly, that focuses on continuous quality improvement versus only diagnosis cased care.  JSR has completed post-occupancy evaluation of the PACE program to utilize as a basis for functional and physical space programming, as well as an integrated design approach that allows for elders to "live"; supportive of activities, exercise, mental health support, counseling, recreation and socialization, as well as fulfilling clinical needs.  PACE is a person-centered community based model that JSR utilizes as a basis for the development of other creative care models for adult day care that utilize care coordination as a way to connect elders with available community based services.  JSR takes design not only into Adult Day Care Environments utilized for PACE, but also into the hone, in conjunction with occupational therapists to support individual elders' physical environmental needs.