In this connected society, with all manner of people using social media and online programming to expand their knowledge base and improve productivity, it has become increasingly popular to listen to podcasts for both entertainment and educational purposes.  With this information in mind, I would like to present to you a podcast about all things architecture.  Archispeak is a podcast about architecture, brought to you by architects, and aimed at architects, students, or anyone interested in the architectural industry.  Archispeak podcast is located at the following address; Archispeak has, over the course of two years, become a highly respected and listened to podcast.  The podcast has been listed in multiple lists of architectural podcasts, Jan. 2015 listed in Architectural Digest as one of the best Architectural/Design podcasts, Dec. 2014 listed as one of the top 5 design podcasts in Interior Design Magazine, and Oct. 2014 listed as one of the eight best podcasts for architects by NCARB (The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards).  The Archispeak podcast discusses all things architectural, from design through construction and beyond.  The podcast is a casual conversation amongst friends, discussing issues important to the Architecture community.  Discussions had on the podcast include; how to interview for a job in architecture, what kind of equipment is normally carried by an architect, how often an architect sketches, and discuss when architecture is in the news.  The discussions are very free flowing, following a semi-structured design, but often going in tangential directions during the conversation.

 The Archispeak podcastis hosted by three Architects, Neal Pann, a registered architect in California, Evan Troxel, a registered architect in the state of California, and Cormac Phalen, an architectural Project Manager in Maryland.  All three hosts are currently employed in the architecture industry.  Mr. Pann is a sole proprietor residential architect in California.  Mr. Phalen and Mr. Troxel are both architects in firms specializing in educational facilities, both public and private facilities.  You can follow each of the architects on twitter at the following handles; Cormac Phalen: @archy_type, Evan Troxel: @etroxel, Neal Pann: @npann.

Archispeak podcast is a bi-weekly broadcast, available on Monday mornings every other week.  Subscribing to the podcast will provide access to the notes for the show prior to the release of the new episode.  The show notes include any links to products, articles, or websites discussed on the podcast.  The podcast can be listened to through Itunes, on the web at the following location or you can download from the website and listen at your leisure.  The next episode will be available Monday February 23, 2015.  You can follow the podcast at the following twitter address; and follow on facebook at the following; .

 In closing I would like to strongly recommend the Archispeak podcast to anyone who is an architect, in architecture school, or has even a passing interest in what an architect does.  The podcast is entertaining and educational.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and download the latest episode.

 -Andrew P. Jinks

AuthorJane Rohde