JSR Associates, Inc. welcome new employee, Tera Sade! Having previously helped with Perspectives Art Gallery, Tera offically joins the JSR Team with her marketing and sales expertise. We are excited to have Tera at JSR!

Mourn the loss of my last job? Or, wake up each morning loving my new one?

I’ll take the later or should I say ladder?  30 years old….sometimes I haven’t exactly “loved” or even liked the work I was doing. I have had a lot of different jobs.  I was a nanny, I washed hair, I washed dishes (for one day), I sold knives door-to-door, sold health & life insurance door-to-door, bras and underwear (not door-to-door), clothes, shoes, furniture, gym memberships and lastly & most recently, clinically proven diet food.  One day, I just might sell a house, but for now I’m in referral.  I guess you can think of me as a Jackie of-all-trades.

These past four years, outside of working, I’ve been doing nothing but getting down and dirty renovating. I’ve been trying to get in time to do other things like sewing, painting, crafting and yes strolling on the beach --with my dog.  I have a ten year old Golden Retriever who insists on retrieving EVERYTHING.  He behaves as if he’s a puppy and keeps me very occupied.  He and I live modestly & eat and live pretty healthily.  I’m a real nutrition-label-reader-kind-a -girl and also a coupon clipper.  This past August I ran the Annapolis 10 miler and I’m currently a health coach!

 Growing up, people would ask, “Tera what do you want to do when you grow up?” Then they would say, “Well, whatever you do, make sure you love it.”  Having a mortgage, I tell you that loving what I do sounds like an absolute privilege and a luxury.   I know I am not the only person who believes in taking any job as long as it pays (well not ANY) even though I do have a Business Communications degree from Villa Julie.

When I found out my last employer was closing the doors, I was, to say the least----- shocked!  Thankfully, thankfully, thankfully... I was recruited to come work for JSR (the parent company), the Perspectives Gallery (subsidiary) and the Perspectives Graphic Design (subsidiary) team.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  And what people always told me as a little girl has happened, I love and like what I am doing! Do you?

My funniest memory looking back is from when I worked at Frank’s Nursery & Crafts.  I had to announce, over the intercom, to the outside garden, that a customer inside needed, “nine bags of manure.”  Gotta laugh!

-Tera Sade

AuthorJane Rohde