We develop programming, planning, and care models with a focus on residents, patients, staff, family, and visitors desired outcomes. We strive for sustainability; not only for the physical building, but also for person-centered care. The JSR team incorporates feedback from all stakeholders to develop design and operational solutions with the consultants, clients, and contractors. We use evidence based solutions that are proven to reduce adverse events and increase resident and patient satisfaction and operational efficiency. Our expertise provides the opportunity to develop education, training, and research for manufacturers, providers, and peers.

Strategic Planning, Re-Positioning & Programming

Collaboration starts with a multi-disciplinary meeting that results in a unified vision. JSR works with senior living and healthcare organizations that are looking to the future to identify, develop, and address their goals, needs, and expectations that transform space and communities into healthy, healing environments.  

Product Design

JSR is committed to working with product manufacturers to develop and promote wellness in the senior living and healthcare industry through product development, education, and research. 

Sustainable Initiatives

JSR participates in sustainable initiatives that support, educate, and develop guidelines, standards, and codes. JSR believes that sustainability includes longevity of a design, universal design, and meeting performance and durability characteristics for products and systems utilized within senior living and healthcare settings.


JSR assembles teams to complete research projects that explore issues and provide data and recommendations for improvement to policies, design strategies, product development, and provider operations in support of evidence-based design. As a result, their clients use this information not only for current and future projects but can also position their community as an evidence-based solution for a high standard of care that produce positive quality of life for residents and patients.

Keynote Presentations

JSR offers customized live presentations, workshops, and webinars for care providers, architectural and interior design firms, conference venues, product manufacturers, and regulatory bodies on a wide variety of topics that relate to the senior living, healthcare, and sustainability industry.

Education & Workshops

JSR develops continuing education programs, workshops, and focus groups for design organizations, trade associations, academic institutions, manufacturers of healthcare products, and senior living and healthcare organizations that satisfy CEU/CES credits and programming needs.

Writing (blogs, articles, podcasts)

JSR develops original content in the form of articles, blogs, and recorded podcasts for design organizations, trade associations, conference venues, academic institutions, manufacturers of healthcare products, and senior living and healthcare organizations.


JSR partners with designers, architects, developers, organizations, and publications in creating quality and cost effective architectural and interior photography within the senior living and healthcare marketplace.

Graphic Design

Utilizing their team of interior designers, architects, and graphic designers, JSR develops and creates unique wayfinding, signage, 3D renderings, graphic design and custom artwork packages specifically for senior living and healthcare projects.