A few weeks ago, Betsy Brawley received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Baltimore, Maryland. At that same time, Betsy's nephew Walker Miller, was hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail (on the border of NC and Tennessee) to raise funds for cystic fibrosis at the XTREME Hike for a Cure. Walker was a part of Team Lindley Law, who hiked 30.1 miles in 12 hours. They recorded over 73,000 steps, reached a total elevation of 16,000 ft. (combined up and down), and crossed 3 mountains. Team Lindley Law was able to raise $30,000 ($1 for each mile hiked) and combined with the other 60 hikers that participated in the XTREME Hike for a Cure, they were able to raise $500,000.

Congrats to Team Lindley Law and the 60 hikers that completed the 30 mile hike and raised funds for cystic fibrosis! JSR Associates was happy to support this cause at such a great event.


Video by Greg Williams

AuthorJane Rohde